Temple Of The Wolf

by The Lone Wolf Project



This is a tribute to the lives and music of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and the members of Temple Of The Dog.


released April 19, 2012

Phillip Nathaniel Freeman - Vocals, Guitars.



all rights reserved


The Lone Wolf Project Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Ballad of a Mending Broken Heart
Burn it to the ground.
Hell is where I'm bound
if I don't lose another war
and keep on losing what I found,
'cause that's the making of a tortured soul,
perpetual and broken like a record played unspoken
by the mouths that screamed my name
Especially the one that whispered
Little nothings in my ear
And got me all conjured and heated
Bleedin all the thoughts I fear
While the procession of the sky
Complements the dying flame
And into shadows we all fall
And to God submit our shame

Cause I’m not afraid of dyin
From a mending broken heart
But sure as hell I’m apprehensive of the pain

It’s a worthy way to go
When you say yes and she says no
And from that point only death remains the same
The blame came from every time I thought
You were okay with making up
And taking up my crosses
While I carried you away

Yes I apologize for my lack of brawn
Let alone the lack of brains, The stains
On my teeth and the fashion faux pas
That define my everyday
And yet I shine in this sense of excellence
And am angered by your doubt
Which is causing me to show you
What this love is all about

In your case I’ll attempt to ravage you
With these words that claw away
At the skin that you’ve developed
From the abuse of worldly ways
Just so then, I can heal you
With a tender loving kiss
As I contemplate everything
About you that I’ll miss

(C) 2012. Phillip Nathaniel Freeman. All Rights Reserved!